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Utilize a variety of tools to enhance your financial well-being.

Keeping up with the fast-paced, financial world requires dynamic tools readily available at any time. KOFE tools are easily accessible and offer different instructive modes that fit your learning style.

You can read and watch videos at your own pace. KOFE invites you to customize your learning courses and schedule. There are no restrictions hindering your learning process. As a result, you’ll learn and retain more information quicker.

Take advantage of:

Financial Publications

KOFE’s expansive financial publication library includes expert advice on topics such as: improving your credit score, retirement planning, rebuilding credit and saving money.

Online Learning

Financial Education Videos

Our videos are concise and easily understood. They demonstrate proven, real-life methods on responsible credit use, reading and disputing mistakes on your credit report, housing issues such as getting a mortgage and refinancing mortgage terms. There’s also valuable information on budgeting and more.